Specialty Systems

The development and completion of specialty systems for completely new processes is an important service at RUCKS.

Most customers know how the final product should appear, but not how it should be manufactured. This is exactly our area of expertise, because we will develop entire customer-specific solutions for you with our cross-discipline engineering team.

Our tools: Engineering & project studies

Examples of customer-specific specialty systems

Continuous compression moulding system KV 325
Press: 7.800 kN, 1.300 x 2.050 mm, 400°C
Special features: Hydraulic with active parallelism control of the upper pressure plate, material unwinding station, material wrapping station, cooling station and cutting station


flyer KV325


Fully automated thermoforming production system KV 296
Press: 4.000 kN, 1.800 x 900 mm
Special features: Material unwinding station, cutting station, loading station, pre- heating station, forming press, unloading station and material transport system

Continuous compression moulding system KV 260
Press: 3.500 kN, 900 x 1.500 mm, 400°C
Special features: Material unwinding station, material wrapping station, cooling station and cutting station

Wrapping and tailoring equipment for rubber textured belts KV 292
Turning station: Wrapping station consists of 2 drums, first drum is for the drive and the second for the wrapping of the rubber belts, drum seat can travel horizontally for belt lengths of 1.5 to 17 metres
finishing station: for rubber & textured belts
cutting equipment: for edge trimming and simultaneous cutting of the finished belts

Turning station
Hydraulic clamping and turning of couplings up to a weight of 350 kg
Course of movements: clamping the coupling on the metallic hub, lifting the coupling, turning the coupling by 180°, lowering with subsequent releasing the coupling

Perforation punch KV 255
Press: 430 kN, 450 x 450 mm, 150 ° C
Special features: 3 stations for material feeding, punching and marking with a laser, material transfer between the stations by a turning table, tool mounting with a magnetic chuck

Wood pile pressing system KV 291
Press: 500 kN
Special features: steaming module for heating material up to 140°C, dosing and filling module, 3 tools with 9 cavities each for rotating operation, tool magazine with 3 levels for curing wood plugs, ejection station and automated tool transfer between the stations
Capacity: approximately 1.080 wood plugs per hour

Specialty system KV 278
System for pressing powder-shaped material

Press KV 216
Press: 600 kN, 1.900 x 3.200 mm
Special features: conveyer belt below

Press KV 285
Press: 60 kN, 1.330 x 980 mm, 200°C
Special features: 2 loading stations, transfer system between the loading station and press

Heating device for tubes KV 248
6 heat chambers, heated with steam

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