We are specialised in the individual production of customised presses for many varying applications. Our production range extends from small laboratory presses to complex production lines. We cover the entire value added chain , from the design/ construction to the production and commissioning, including services.

We are a small, but proactive team of about 35 highly qualified people.

We like to collaborate confidentially with our customers and suppliers for our mutual benefit. Our corporate philosophy relies on frank and fair co-operation which enables us to speak about potential problems as early as possible and thus to find solutions without a lawyer.

An overview of our skills

  • Design of mechanic, hydraulic and electric with modern CAD systems by our own permanently employed experts
  • Manufacturing of the press systems in the new assembly hall with a ceiling height of 15 metres and two 25t cranes
  • Programming of software (control & data acquisition) by our own experienced personnel
  • Development of new types of machine concepts by the Engineering department
  • Customer trials in the RUCKS’ building or with cooperating research institutes
  • Creation of specification sheets
  • Machining on advanced machinery
  • Building of our own switch cabinets (in house)
  • Quick, skilful assistance by the engineers and software developers who constructed or programmed the machine
  • The required components and outsourced manufacturing services are first of all purchased from proven german partners
  • Training of engineers in co-operation with the university of cooperative education Glauchau, provided in the subjects informatics and production engineering
  • Training of apprenticeships to skilled workers in mechatronics and industrial mechanics

RUCKS’ more than 175 years is also more than 175 years of German history

RUCKS has survived Emperors and Kings, Leaders and Presidents of the State Council. Several high-quality products constructed and manufactured by motivated employees on the company’s own property have remained unchanged to the present day. This continuity of the past ensures the safety of the present time, when many recipes for success burst like bubbles after a short time.

The following time line should provide you with a brief insight into our moving company history. Anyone interested in more detail can download the chronicle about the company’s 170-year anniversary as a PDF file.


2021Stefan Rucks - Degree in “State-certified technician”, re-entry as head of final assembly and internal machine acceptance
2020Parallel production of 2 Continuous Compression Moulding Machines, each having a press force of 8400kN and a heating plate size of 1.300 x 2.400mm
2018Completion of the reconstruction of the building for electrical engineering and programming with expansion of the office capacity as well as inauguration of the new company museum and library
2018175th company anniversary with in-house exhibition and numerous guests
2017Parallel production of two robot cells for different applications
2017Start of intensified market development in England, France, USA and Canada with first realised projects
2016Stefan Rucks successfully completes his apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician at RUCKS
2015Production of 24 press blocks, each having 5 press cells within 10 months
2013Inauguration of the new assembly hall and the company’s 170th anniversary
2012Press systems continue to become larger; laying of the foundation for a new assembly hall with two 25 ton cranes and a hook height of 12 metres
2011Development of concepts for several specialty systems in the Engineering Pre-projects section
2010More than 50% of the press systems enter the field of composites
2009The Specialty Systems department continues to grow; employment in the Engineering department increases
2008RUCKS celebrates the 165th anniversary of the company.
2008First cross linking of 15 presses with the data acquisition and visualisation software Rudas.
2006Creation of specifications and the production of all electrical presses enlarge the product/ service range.
2003RUCKS celebrates two great events: the 160th firm anniversary and the 80th birthday of Reinhold Rucks senior
2002Expansion of the production range by producing water hydraulic presses.
1997Apprenticeships for industrial mechanics are offered, later on mechatronics are restarted.
1996Rainer Rucks becomes an active partner.
1995Beginning in 1995, the buildings and production are comprehensively repaired and modernised, RUCKS remains at the traditional location.
1993RUCKS celebrates the 150th anniversary of the company.
1991Representing the 5th enterprise generation, Rainer Rucks joins the company. The firm’s business line now focusses on the pan-European market.
1990The firm is privatised again: because of a dispute about the residual debts, this procedure lasts until November 1994, although determining the property status is as easy as possible.
1989In 1989 and 1990, the frontier opens to the West; all nationally owned companies are affiliated with the society Treuhandgesellschaft.
1988Reinhold Rucks leaves his post as a company manager, but remains active as a consultant.
1974From 1974 to 1988, the company mostly supplies presses to the rubber, wood and friction lining industry and the car supplier Sachsenringwerk Zwickau.
1974Robert Reinhold Rucks dies and with him the 3rd firm generation.
1972They are forced to sell the enterprise to the state of the GDR. Reinhold Rucks becomes the general director in the nationally owned press-building company "VEB Pressenbau Glauchau"
1960On January 1st, 1960, the firm is transformed into a KG (limited partnership), in which 30% of the shares are hold by the state. This is the only way to secure material supplies for the future.
1955Development of presses for duroplastic materials for the East-German car "Trabant" begins
1950The entrepreneur Reinhold Rucks is not allowed to study in the state of the working class and farmers.
1946Friedrich Reinhold Rucks enters the company; he becomes a co-owner in 1948.
1946Return of the firm as a result of the political position of the Rucks family during the Hitler regime
1945The enterprise is confiscated by the Soviet military administration, machines are disassembled.
1943RUCKS celebrates its 100-year anniversary.
1934The second generation firm leader dies on November 22nd, 1934. The next company manager is Friedrich Robert Reinhold Rucks.
1932Building of hosiery-forming machines
1922Successful extension of the firm in spite of inflation.
1920In the decade from 1920 to 1930, a large number of presses are delivered e.g. to Scandinavia and Russia. The export rate is at 50%.
1914A part of the firm burns down and is rebuilt despite World War One
1880Mutual agreement between Mister Haubold ( today the ERMAFA in Chemnitz) and Mr. Rucks to limit their business lines: RUCKS gives up building calenders and Haubold making presses
1870First activities are building hydraulic presses and associated press water pumps for the textile industry
1866On August 31st, 1866, the firm’s founder dies of cholera. The enterprise is taken over by Karl Robert Rucks.
1852On October 24th, 1852, the firm moves into a new space in the Auestraße, the current firm headquarters.
1844From 1844 to 1848, there are disputes with the authorities over permitting the craft
1843On October 23rd, 1843, Friedrich Benjamin Rucks registers an iron foundry as a craft; product offerings hardly limited.