Press control & software

In our Software and Electronics department, our engineers develop circuit diagrams and software programmes specific to the systems. Even the switch cabinet construction is done in-house. In this manner, customized solutions are created for the customer’s process.

Control concept

  • Grossenbacher HMI (15“ to 19“) with RUXX Logic HP standard software optimised for the customer
  • Features:
    • Flexible, open, highly capable control system
    • Intuitive visualisation and operation
    • A high level of service friendliness, such as a maintenance wizard
    • Short reaction times thanks to a remote maintenance tool

RUDAS data acquisition software

  • Installed on a desktop computer
  • Integration with the press control system over a LAN network


  • Automated process tracking, storage and evaluation
  • Files stored in a format useable with Excel
  • Up to 16 presses can be networked
  • Recipe and programme management

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Mr. Uwe Schönfelder
Head of electrical engineering
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